Company headquarters and recycling center located in Kula on area of 6 ha. The recycling center equipped with modern, highly productive equipment, consisting of 6 industrial excavators and 2 highly productive machines for cutting steel scrap.

A fleet of 15 trucks equipped with grapples and mobile presses and colection centres in Kula, Subotica and Becej provides a large volume of daily purchases of goods so that the annual processing capacity is app 60,000 tons of steel scrap.

We are able to prepare steel scrap to the required dimensions with machine and manual cutting process, and we are able to produce sheet bale and briquettes of various kind of turnings. According per customer requestquality of steel scrap qould be separate or mix hms1 and hms2 quality grade. Delivery of materials in agreement with the customers could be done by trucks, trains or boats (barges).