The company headquarters with the central repository of metallurgical products is located in Kula town covering an area of 6 ha in total with indoor warehouse and production facilities of more than 7,000 square metres. The installation of a new generation 2 KW laser (fibre technology), a HP260A plasma device, CNC scissors and 500 tons press(es) for cutting and bending sheet metal of up to 15 mm thickness and up to 6 m in length as well as the stock of 4,500 t of different metallurgical products make Metalopromet considered to be one of the best-equipped steel centres for metal processing in Serbia today.

This advantage Metalopromet used to establish own productions of different steel constructions like:

  • Steel tanks
  • Steel constructions for furnaces for metals melting
  • Steel constructions for productions halls
  • Steel fence and gate
  • Billboards for advertising

Metalopromet have equipment for preparation and surface protection of metal parts:

  • Shot blasting,
  • Safety basic and final paint color according to RAL card on the customer demand

Hence our certification and quality system is ISO 9001 certified through Qualityaustria and with highly professional engineers team and quality workers, Metalopromet are at customer service to find.