The company headquarters and recycling centre are located in Kula covering the area of 6 ha. The recycling centre is equipped with modern highly productive equipment including 6 industrial excavators and 2 highly productive machines for cutting steel scrap.

A fleet of 15 trucks equipped with grapples and mobile presses as well as the collection centres in Kula, Subotica and Becej provide considerable number of daily purchases of goods so that the annual processing capacity reaches about 60,000 tons of steel scrap.

We are able to prapare steel scrap cut to required dimensions by both machine and manual cutting processes and we are also able to produce sheet bales and briquettes from various kinds of turnings.

At our customers’s requests concerning the quality of steel scrap, we deliver materials of HMS1 and HMS2 quality grades either separated or mixed in the required proportions. The delivery of materials can be done by trucks, trains or boats (barges) as agreed with the customer.